Rich Burton


Rich is our resident ‘wine consultant’. He is responsible for the overall wine discovery experience with the PlateOnSlate products, striving to create an innovative and intuitive way to get the perfect wine onto the customer’s table. His passion is focused on deconstructing the sometimes confusing world of wine down to its essential elements, allowing for a simple and enjoyable experience for wine novices and enthusiasts alike.

Rich has over 12 years’ experience in the software industry, specializing in product management and business intelligence systems. He is also on his way to becoming a certified sommelier and has spent the past four years working for a Washington-based winery as a business consultant, building on his viticulture, enology and business skills. His involvement with PlateonSlate is the perfect marriage of his software development background and his love of wine & fine dining.

Rich graduated with a Business degree in Finance from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. Rich believes it is his magnetic personality that draws frequent friends to his house, but everyone basically knows about his enviable wine cellar.