Nidhi supervises the visualization of the graphic elements in the PlateonSlate virtual studio. She has been involved in the project from the inception of the idea and has been instrumental in leading most of the creative elements of our solution. From selection of images, legibility of fonts on tablets to using colors everything is aimed at making the graphic user interface more user friendly .

Nidhi has been helping many companies like ANZ Computing, Mico Bosch and Agnite Education position themselves by evolving their brand identity. Logo design and its application in various media, is her specialty. She spent six formative years at the National Institute of Design in India, studying all aspects of graphic design. With the market flooding with mobile devices and new methods of interaction, ’Designers have to learn on the run‘, she says.

Nidhi is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, having previously lived and worked in India and Egypt. When she is not working on design projects, she likes to create artworks using recycled scrap material. Nidhi has an irrational devotion to the Mumbai Indians cricket team but we try not to hold it against her. Most of the time.