Jenghan Hsieh


PlateonSlate solution is a technological breakthrough in the culinary space with a complex but well-orchestrated solution of hardware, software and cloud components. Jenghan leads our technology initiatives in those components from feature feasibility on a specific platform to integration with 3rd party infrastructure.

Jenghan has more than twelve years of experience in software development and information system design. He has specialized in system architecture design, content infrastructure and interactive web technology. Founder of a niche software development house, he and his team has focused on developing database, network infrastructure and application architectures for a number of companies from the financial industry to game developers. He also led projects to build the global content management and distribution platform for TrendMicro, content management system for ASUS small business web portal. Prior to that he worked at GMusic Ltd. and Gigamedia Ltd. where he lead the implementation of the online music service and the content distribution system for online video streaming.

When Jenghan is not driving the software development projects to beat their deadline, he works his right side of his brain equally with his love for classical music and photography. It maybe that part of his brain that attracted him to join our team. Something that you will have to ask him to confirm.