PlateonSlate is a highly customized hardware and software package, with a cloud-based service that provides the ideal connection to your customers ensuring significant increase to your restaurants revenues (revPASH). The critical element of our solution is that we remove the complexity of the entire infrastructure so that you can concentrate on providing exceptional food and service while we manage the rest. Even the ordering interface on the tablet has been uniquely developed with the same philosophy; intuitive and completely extensible to your restaurants brand.

We offer PlateonSlate on iPADs and Android tablets as the choice of the tablet will depend on your specific situation, requirement and preference. From the hardware perspective, our comprehensive solution consists of the client side digital tablets, manager consoles and the back end server that hosts the menu content and database. Like the hardware aspect of the solution, software consists of many components, from the application that run on tablets to the server side database. Some of the distinguishing elements of PlateonSlate are -

Highly customized solution

We fundamentally believe that one solution cannot fit all scenarios unless you are a retail fast food chain establishment. Therefore PlateonSlate is a highly customized solution for each of our customers. The strength of our solution is the direct professional service from graphic design to infrastructure optimization offered to restaurants together with customizations that are unknown in this space.

We do the work

We do not believe in throwing this over the wall and asking you to take your images and upload your content to build your digital menu. From taking images of your menu dish to putting together your restaurant application, we do everything. We do not expect you to be software programmers or graphic designers like you wouldn’t expect us to be master chefs. Though a few of us like to think that we can cook up a mean curry or an exquisite consommé in the safety our own kitchen.

Innovative wine discovery experience

A number of our customers carry more than 100 types of wine varieties making it time consuming for the patron to find a particular wine. PlateonSlate solution comes with an innovative wine discovery experience to address this. A few us including our resident wine consultant and our user experience engineer spent a number of months developing an innovative wine discovery component into PlateonSlate that enables the patron to sift through hundreds of wines from a restaurants’ collection very quickly and arrive at exactly the preferred option. This also gives you the ability to add additional wines or cycle through your wine collection easily without restriction.

Suite of revenue generating tools to choose from

PlateonSlates suite of revenue generating tools is truly unique and have been developed keeping in mind both the users expectation from their wining and dining experience as well as the opportunity for the restaurateur to generate additional revenue. You have the opportunity to choose which specific tool fits your atmosphere and philosophy or use none at all.

Simple but feature rich user interface

PlateonSlate was built ground up for touch enabled user interaction and offers a user experience that is ground breaking. We brought in industry experts from multinational companies, with years of experience creating user interfaces on mobile devices that have sold in multi millions, to help us create a truly simplistic yet feature rich user interface. Each and every control at the user end has been carefully selected to provide an enjoyable, non-complicated experience that does not interfere with the restaurants ambiance. We believe that if you are not in a fast food restaurant then you don’t want to get a fast food like experience from your slate application.

Best in our field

Besides our world class solution developers and software engineers, we employ the services of the best graphic designers, the best photographers, the best user experience engineers because we believe that our solution needs to bring the best of your restaurant. Just the way you do inside your kitchen.