At PlateonSlate, we seek to address some of the key issues that face restaurateurs, the shortage of multilingual and knowledgeable staff, and how to increase your RevPASH. Imagine a highly customized solution that streamlines your business and immediately adds to your bottom line while allowing our patrons to get a glimpse of your cooking philosophy, your culinary skills and your passion. Built to blend with your restaurants theme and brand, of course.

We target some of the key issues facing restaurateurs –
Shortage of skilled, multilingual and knowledgeable staff.

Connect with every patron in a very personalized way

A lot goes into the preparation of each dish in the menu or into picking a particular wine in the collection but it is not always known to the restaurant’s patrons. In many instances the patron may choose a dish/wine based on the previous experience or from word-of-word recommendation even though that may not be the right wine pair with their other selection. Or they would not have ordered a particular dish had they understood the ingredients better. This could result in a below par experience. Having the ability to provide all that information at the fingertips of the customers gives them not only insight into your efforts, your cooking philosophy but also maximizes their culinary experience. Imagine that you have the ability to connect with each and every patron that comes to your restaurant in a very personalized way – exactly the way you would want it to be.

Communicate in multiple languages

Globalization has made the world flat. Your patrons are from different parts of the world but while you strive for providing exceptional service its impractical to hire linguists for catering to all foreign patrons. Our PlateonSlate application helps to overcome this language barrier and still provide the same personalization, communicate the same message that you want to share.

Increase profit margin by increasing RevPASH & RevPAS

Increase your repeat customer base

PlateonSlate solution provides a number of innovative tools that enable you to track your restaurants performance, customers ordering choices, your wine sales, etc. You can enable a number of tools from the solution to significantly increase your repeat customer base or reward your most loyal customers. A number of marketing tools in the industry today fall short of this goal because of their ‘shotgun’ approach for eg. group emails, flyers or specials. With PlateonSlate solution you have a very focused and targeted tool set that is catered to the scenario that is best suited for you to really understand your sales and your customer base better. The solution provides the information and multiple tools that can increase your repeat customers.

Drive up your wine sales

Given inaccurate or insufficient information a number of patrons default to not ordering or ordering the cheapest wine available or to a familiar grape varietal even though it may not pair well with the rest of their order. Through PlateonSlate innovative wine discovery experience, we provide a depth of information for each wine in the restaurants’ collection as well enable the patron to easily arrive at their preferred choice of both food and wine that maximizes their culinary experience. It has been proved in almost all digital slates deployments that the wine sales increase by a significant percentage when patrons are provided with some critical wine related information.

Tap into additional revenue streams

We have built PlateonSlate keeping your revPASH increase as our central focus. Besides the regular food and wine sales, PlateonSlate solution has a tool suite that the restaurant can use to tap into additional revenue streams while increasing patron satisfaction on the overall dining experience. Since the incremental cost overlay in deploying any one of these tools is negligible, the revenue goes directly to the bottom line. A genuine win-win-win solution – desserts for all!

Attract incremental traffic into your restaurant

Restaurant business can be a very competitive environment and PlateonSlate solution helps to provide a cool differentiation element that will help you stand above your competition and drive additional traffic to your restaurant. With the advent of tablets and popularized with Apples’ iPADs, clientele are getting used to getting quick access to and making decisions based on information on mobile devices such as slates. PlateonSlate will put you right in the front of this technology wave while attracting new patrons for getting the PlateonSlate experience.